Data Floor Management

Data Center Management and Consultation

A data center, commonly referred to as a data floor or server room, is an area designated to computer components and mechanical systems designed to optimize a network’s performance. We have managed data centers for over eighteen years and have the most up-to-date knowledge of data architecture systems and their requirements.

What BMS can do for you:

Our data center specialists have all the experience needed for managing a data floor of any size. Building Management Systems has the ability to start from the ground, discussing what hardware and configuration is best suited to your requirements, installing all integral components of the system, and managing the entire area under our extensive management program. Building Management Systems also has the ability to manage an existing data center, bringing our experience and positively impacting the environment immediately. Our employees are often required to work in conjunction with several other areas or members of an organization and are fully capable of performing work that coincides with the overall path of the organization. Our employees are very flexible and pride themselves on nurturing a great relationship with the customer.

Whether it is a new data center that is being built or a data floor that is in need of experienced management, Building Management Systems has the knowledge and ability to succeed, striving for innovation while reducing the financial and environmental impact of the data center. All critical infrastructure systems are managed under one consolidated group allowing for closer scrutiny of modifications. Projects are analyzed with accounting methods, such as payback period and return on investment, but also examined for longevity and maintenance issues that might arise. All of our projects have resulted in significant monetary savings through the reduced use of available resources such as electricity, gas, and water, and it is never too late to begin transforming your data center. Allow Building Management Systems to develop a long-term evolutionary plan to bring your data center up to industry standards.

Building Management Systems is also very effective at working with the General Services Administration and other governing agencies to ensure the built environment satisfies all criteria. The safeguarding of data begins at the facility level by ensuring that all systems are operating within secure, optimal conditions that prohibit downtime and the loss of services. This is the reason that federal, state, and municipal governments encourage administering these actions through a reliable, centralized organization that is knowledgeable in the operational requirements of the data center.

· Twenty-four hour / seven days a week on site availability
· Govern architecture of the data center and data floor (Hot/Cold Aisle, Containment, Cable Layout, Rack Alignment, etc.)
· Ensure proper installation of all machinery and hardware
· Schedule maintenance to minimize organizational issues
· Forecasting, planning, and budgeting of data center resources
· Experience in Computational Fluid Dynamics (Tile Flow)
· Manage DCIM software and hardware packages
· Track all changes and trace feeds
· Maintain an aesthetically appealing area
· Stay on the edge of emerging data storage and communications trends


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